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There are two ways to raise money for your organization.  Organizations can only choose ONE OPTION if they would like to participate. Each option has a limited number of participants.  Types of organizations can include Churches, School, Scouts, Sports Team, Day Cares, Mothers Group, etc.  Please contact us so we can set your Organization in our system.

OPTION #1: Your organization can register as a consignor.
You will have one number assigned to your organization. Collect, price and tag the items from your members/supporters and enter them on-line, then drop them off at your designated time. Fundraising organizations do not have a limit on the number of items the organization can sell, so as many families as you can find to donate items to your organization to sell under your account, the more money you can potentially expect to make. Your organization will get 65% of the price of your items that sell. You will receive a check made out to your organization within 2 weeks of the sale.


OPTION #2 Families within your organization can register as individual consignors with our sale.
During the registration process, there will be a section where they can indicate the group with which they are affiliated. Each family is responsible for pricing, tagging, preparing & dropping off items. Within 2 weeks of the sale, the FAMILY will receive a check for 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their items and the ORGANIZATION will receive a check for 10% of that proceeds. If the individual (the FAMILY) volunteers for a shift during our sale, they (the FAMILY) will receive 60% of the proceeds; the ORGANIZATION will still receive 10% of the proceeds.


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