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NEW Consignor Registration


The last day to drop off items at the store is

FEBRUARY 15, 2018.


To Register please click on the Consignment Store page (on the left side),

then click on Consignor Registraion and then Create a New Account to be a Seller

Consignor Registration is opened all month long.  The system does not close. Your registration fee will be applied to the month your drop off your items.  It's recommended you drop off at the beginning of the month.

Without you, there would not be a sale.  We have taken something that all parents need and turned it into something that benefits everyone involved, kids clothing and accessories at great prices.  As a consignor, you get the benefit of shopping the presale before the general public.  In order to participate in the presale, you must consign at least 25 items. You may bring one person with you to Consignor presale.  You must pick up your pass when you bring your items to the drop off.  You can look under the “Volunteer” link to find ways to make additional money at our sale and the additional benefits in attending the Volunteer presale - Volunteers get in to the Sale before the Consignors and the General Public.

Why become a Consignor?
Benefits of consigning with Wiggles & Giggles Consignment
You get to clean out your closets and earn 65-70% of each item that sells. (See Selling Tips to improve your profits.) You have the freedom to determine how much you want to sell your item for.

As a participant, you will be able to shop at the Consignor Pre-Sale before the sale is open to the public. The largest selection of best quality, name-brand items are available at the beginning of the sale.  It is during the Pre-Sale where most of the large items, such as cribs, outdoor toys and play equipment, are purchased.  The selection is huge and the savings are incredible!!!  It is absolutely possible to buy a whole season’s wardrobe for all of your little ones, at the Wiggles & Giggles Consignment sale, for a fraction of the retail cost.

1. Click here to register as a Consignor. There is a $15 consignor fee (non-refundable and can only be applied to the sale you registered for) that is to be paid at time of registration. Consignor fees can be paid by dropping off a check at the store OR online using a Credit Card OR via Paypal account to pay for your Registration.  Paypal (www.paypal.com) is a credit card processing system. To open an account with Paypal is free and you can use your credit or debit card.

If you prefer to pay with a check, then please fill out the Consignor Registration Form and mail it to the address indicated along with your check OR drop it off at the store.

2. Please read the Consignor Agreement & Release (Seller Agreement) then electronically accept & acknowledge it by typing YES on the bottom of the form.  This Seller Agreement is located on your Consignor Login Page.

3. Walk around your house and gather items you would like to sell. Check the garage, family room, kids' rooms and closets.  There is not a limit to how many items you can sell.  All items must be PET FREE and SMOKE FREE.  Please make sure all clothing has been washed prior to being dropped off to the store. 

**NEW CONSIGNORS:  Your Consignor Registration fee will be applied to the Month you first drop off your items at the store.  We highly suggest, you drop off at the beginning of the month. 

CLICK HERE for Selling Tips.

4. Log into your account and start entering your items and creating tags. Your tags must identify the size, category, description and price. The description is required if your items tag becomes separated from the item. You will also have the option to discount each item for 25% off AND for 50% (half the price) on specified dates and also an option for Wiggles & Giggles Consignment to donate any of your unsold items to the specified charity on your behalf. Our inventory system makes this quick and easy!

Please note, ANY items marked DONATE will be automatically discounted too.

Wiggles & Giggles Consignment uses MyConsignmentManager to improve our data entry, accounting, and check-out system. Consignors can easily enter your information for your tags online at home. No software is required other than internet access. Just visit the Consignor Account Homepage.  Log in, select Work with Consigned Inventory, and start entering your items.  The system will automatically create an inventory sheet for all of your items. Your tags will be created from the information you enter.

In addition, your consignor account will automatically be updated each evening during the sale.  This process will allow you to track your sales and see how you're doing as the sale happens.
*Price items in whole dollars.
*Please choose items, or group items together, so they equal a value of at least $2.00. If you want your items to go 1/2 price (50% off) on at the end of the month, click the DISCOUNT square when entering the item(s) into your inventory. Reminder, items marked for DISCOUNT will also be discounted at 25% off on our store random Discount days.

DONATIONS - To donate all or some of unsold items, please designate each item to be donated by clicking the DONATE square when entering the item(s) into your inventory.  Items marked DONATE will also be marked at a DISCOUNT.

CLICK HERE for Price Suggestions

5. Print out your tags. Your tags will print out the information you entered as well as a barcode that contains your consignor number, item and price. Tags print 8 per page. This tag will be quickly scanned at checkout during the sale and the data will be automatically entered into the software program and tallied to your account. TAGS NEED TO BE PRINTED ON WHITE OR OFF-WHITE 60-67# WEIGHT COVER STOCK PAPER (available at Staples, Office Max, Target, Michael's, etc.) No plain white copy paper will be accepted. Tags cannot be duplicated on a copy machine. They will not register to your account and you will not get credit for the sale.

ALL ITEMS for the Wiggles & Giggles Consignment sales must have tags created through our website in order to be accepted into our sale. We will not accept items that have been tagged for other consignment sales. You must register and create tags through our website.

6. Hang your clothes on wire hangers and prepare all other items according to the Preparation Guidelines Click Here to Review and attach tags with a safety pin or tagging gun. All clothing items must be on wire hangers.

7. You must log-in to your consignor account to schedule your drop-off time. During your designated drop-off time, you will bring your items to be checked-in and complete your consignor paperwork. Items will be reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with our guidelines. We want to ensure that items for sale are of top quality. Please have all your clothing items by size and gender order.  Items on the Government Recall List will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of each consignor to make sure that all of their items meet the safety standards.

IMPORTANT:  If you are consigning (dropping off) more than 350 items, you will need to schedule 2 drop off appointments to allow sufficient time for Volunteers to review all your items.   

 PLEASE bring a self-addressed envelope to your Check-in/Drop-off appointment.  Stamp is optional.    You also need to print out an Inventory Report and bring a copy to your Check-in appointment. Simply go to Manage Inventory tab.  Then Click on Reports and Print an Inventory Report. 

8. If you are planning to not continue to keep your items at the store for the following month, PLEASE email us no later than the 25th of the Month.  Unsold items will be separated by consignor number and placed into piles at the end of the Month/sale. We will need your assistance in locating clothing items.  So please be prepared to assist us.  You will need to bring a container with you when picking up your unsold items.  Consignors must retrieve their items on THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH (you will receive an email with confirmation date) at the designated time and then go to the check-out table to sign their "pick up" sheet.

9. On the last day of the month, check your Settlement Report to see what you sold and then wait for your check! Settlement Reports MUST BE PRINTED by no later than the 5th day of the following month, otherwise the sales will clear and the new month sales will be listed.  Consignor checks will be available at the store 10-14 days after the monthly sale ended.  Checks not picked up, will be mailed. Checks should be cashed within 30 days of receiving them.  Checks that are misplaced or stolen, that require a Bank STOP PAYMENT on them and a new check to be issued -  will have a $32 replacement fee deducted (from the new check) to cover the Bank's stop payment fee. 

Settlement Reports should be printed by no later than the 5th day of the following month, before the new sold items list is updated in the system and "last months Settlement Reports" are erased. 

NOTE: If your items were not sold at the event and you have chosen not to donate them, they do not need to be re-tagged to be sold at future events. Our online inventory system will allow you to move all unsold items to the future sales when registration for that sale is open. This is a wonderful feature since it saves you the trouble of re-tagging and reentering your item information.



Items NOT Accepted:

Cribs - see consumer product safety commission website  **Must have Certificate of Compliance or Repair Kit

Stuffed animals  **ONLY EXCEPTION is if they are NEW WITH TAGS or Disney Characters

Out of date clothing - it will not sell

Well worn clothing

Adult sizes/brands

Fast food toys

VHS tapes

Maternity Clothes

Battery-operated toys without batteries

Anything broken or with missing parts


     EXAMPLES on TAGGING your items, how to ZIP TIE multiple items and how to HANG items.

Zip Tie toys together.

Small shoes can be bagged 

Small items can be bagged then taped to the larger item.

Zip Tie, tape and use Ziploc bags to keep multiple items together.

Multiple items can be safety pinned together. Make sure the Tag reflects the multiple items in the description.

Small accessories can be attached using a Ziploc bag. Make sure the Tag reflects the multiple items in the description.

You can attach the Tag to the size tag using a tagging gun or safety pin.

Pants, skirts and shorts can be pinned to the hanger.

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